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Linear Labs was established in 2013 after developing a new methodology in constructing electric motor and generator technologies that would create more power while using less energy. Linear labs has developed and owns 100% of its technology, with

5patents issued


25patents pending globally.

Linear Labs technology is made available through exclusive licensing on a per market basis. Linear Labs actively works with its partners to develop prototypes catered to their specific requirements.

Our Innovative Team

Fred Hunstable

Founder & CTO

Inventor, EE & Nuclear Power

John Curry


30+ Years commercializing Hi-Tech Products

Brad Hunstable

Co-Founder & COB

8 Years with Ustream CEO & Founder

Dr. Babak Fahimi

Advisor / Consultant

22 Years Industry & Academics in Electric Machines – UTD

Bill Naifeh

IP Counsel

24 Years IP Experience B.S. Engineering

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