Introducing The First
Magnetic Torque Tunnel

Meet the Revolutionary EXTREME Torque Linear Labs Motor

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The HET - World's First
Magnetic Torque Tunnel

The most important technological development in electric motors since its advent 150 years ago. With 45% of the world’s electricity passing through an electric motor, we are ushering in the next generation of electrification.

Three incredible new technologies in one electric machine responding internally to any speed or loading for maximum efficiency.


“You built the holy grail in electric motors – high torque and no gearbox”
Henrik Christensen
Author of U.S Robotics
National Roadmap,
Advisor to the President

Torque noun ˈtȯrk \

Torque is a twisting or turning force that tends to cause rotation around an axis, usually a center of mass or a fixed point.

“Speed is free, torque is what you pay for”

Linear Labs’ new architecture in electric motors is the highest torque density motor possible, with no penalty in efficiency or energy consumption.



Our technology provides up to 3x the torque and power density compared to any induction, permanent magnet or axial flux design. The holy grail in electric motors is HIGH TORQUE and NO GEARBOX. We do both.


Linear Labs Technology

An entirely new platform of electric motors, generators, and linear actuators powering the next generation of electric vehicles, compressors, generators, robotics, bionics and Industrial applications.


Maximum Torque

Linear Labs technology introduces incredible capabilities never before possible in electric machines.

Maximum torque is achieved in extremely dense structures, suitable for any application.

Easy field weakening with permanent magnets

A true variable multi-polar architecture

Swiftly switching from a high torque-low speed machine to a high speed-low torque design, and anywhere in between.