Lead Investors

Linear Labs, the company behind the revolutionary Hunstable Electric Turbine (HET),
has closed over $4.5 million in funding from coveted technology firms and tech luminaries.

Chris and Crystal Sacca

Lowercase Capital

Lowercase Capital bringing that same obsessive passion and expertise that powered the Lowercase portfolio of over 70 companies (companies like Twitter, Uber, Instagram, Twilio, Stripe, and Kickstarter) and applies it to a new generation of startups, funds, and organizations dedicated to improving life on Earth. The ambition of these projects is unbounded because we know no other way.

Ryan Graves

Saltwater Capital

Saltwater is building a portfolio of technology & consumer products businesses that they can support for the long-haul. They provide experience-backed strategic and operational support. They partner with founders to scale the company, the business, and focus on the appropriate capital structure.

Steve Jang & Kanyi Maqubela

Kindred Ventures

Kindred Ventures is a seed-stage venture capital fund led by Steve Jang and Kanyi Maqubela, and is based in San Francisco, CA. Collectively they have invested in over 80 companies in our careers, and have served as founders, early employees, and advisors in several pioneering technology startups.

Their mission is to back visionary and dedicated founders who want to solve the most important problems and vastly improve people’s lives around the world.

Mike Jones & Peter Pham

Science Ventures

Science's venture funds support seed and early-stage follow-on investments from the studio as well as select seed and series A investment opportunities. Investments include Bird, Mammoth, Pray, Grow Mobility, Linear Labs, and more. Science works with a global network of institutional, individual and family office investors across a variety of vehicles.

Capital Factory

Capital Factory’s mission is to be the center of gravity for entrepreneurs in Texas, the number one startup state in the U.S. Last year more than 200,000 entrepreneurs, programmers and designers gathered day and night, in-person and online for meetups, classes and coworking.

With boots on the ground in Austin, Dallas and Houston, they meet the best entrepreneurs in Texas and introduce them to their first investors, employees, mentors and customers. According to Pitchbook, Capital Factory has been the most active investor in Texas since 2013.

A New Workhorse For A Power Hungry World

Consumer demand and governmental climate reduction initiatives are pressing manufacturers to seek drastically more efficient motors:

  • By 2025, EVs will account for 30% of global vehicle sales.
  • Air conditioner motors consume tremendous amounts of energy. There is a growing middle class among the 2.8 billion people living in the hottest parts of the world. As they turn on air conditioning for the first time, global power grids will be pushed to their limits.
  • Motors currently used in robotics suffer from excess inertia when changing direction. This creates safety and reliability problems and increases operating cost.

“Until now, electric motor design remained fundamentally unchanged for over 100 years. 45% of worldwide electricity consumption passes through an electric motor. 1 out of 2 power plants is dedicated to powering electric motors”, say CTO Fred Hunstable.

The HET produces high-torque at both low and high-speed operation. This is huge for the electric vehicle (EVs), robotics, HVAC, and wind turbine markets.


patents issued


patents pending globally
in 9 countries

Linear Labs was established after developing a new class of electric motor and generators that create more power while using less energy. Our technology is made available through exclusive licensing, and we actively work with partners to develop solution specific prototypes. Linear labs develops and owns 100% of its technology, and has an intellectual property portfolio including: