Linear Labs


Linear Labs has developed superior innovative technologies for electric motors, electric generators, and linear and rotary actuators utilizing a new architecture for electric machine construction. The architecture results in a far greater magnetic flux density by several factors over existing commercial electric motors and generators. The end result is an electric machine that produces twice the torque or force compared to conventional technologies in the same package size.


The technology is not only a platform technology because of its scalability and applicability to any electric motor, generator, or actuator and the respective markets, but it is disruptive to the existing technology due to its significantly higher output performance and improved efficiencies over its full operating envelope. This technology can be built using existing standard manufacturing methods and practices. The design of these machines does not result in higher costs when compared to their commercial counterparts.

EV Systems
with No Loss
in Performance

No gearbox or DC to DC converter

Smaller, cheaper main capacitors

Lower voltage that delivers more range

Greater safety for occupants and
1st responders

Software controlled emulated 3 phase
and 2 phase as speed increases

Smart Motor
System Solution